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Metzener gardening

You need a change in your external environment? We can carry out the creation of your garden landscaping. Whether it be to:

  • Build small retaining walls, make steps, lay paving stones of concrete, or natural stone, create a rockery
  • Install a water feature, create a waterfall, the planting of hardy annuals, trees or bushes
  • Laying a lawn
  • Installaing a landscaped lighting system
  • Or realising a project, from start to finish, (turnkey project)

Metzener Gardening is the best suited to give you the best service. Over the past 40 years, our team has been able to build up a sound reputation in the domain of horticulture, and we can create lasting landscaping which will endure for a long time.

All our garden layouts are built and created while respecting Swiss norms. Our aim is to give you something agreeable and that will match your desires.


  • Plantations
  • Laying down a paving of paving stones or natural stone
  • Building walls and small retaining walls
  • Installing natural stone
  • Renewing grassy plots or lawns
  • Creating a lown by seeding or turfing