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Welcome to Metzener landscape

Our Company works in many sectors of landscaping and garden layouts. As well as specialising in creating landscaping projects, we can also offer regular garden upkeep and maintenance.

Just come and ask for an evaluation by our counsellor, who can give you an estimate, based on his more than 20 years’ experience in his chosen domain.

Outdoors arrangements and layouts

We will do our best work for you in the creation of your landscaping or garden projects, whether it be incorporating a water feature - such as a jacuzzi, a pond, or a swimming pool - or working with natural stone, rockeries; or installing automatic sprinkler systems, external lighting systems; or creating embankments, or any other kind of landscaping.

Green spaces

Working in the Canton of Vaud, and in particular, the Vaud Riviera (Vevey-Montreux), we can offer the following services:

The upkeep of your garden, and especially, all work on your lawn - regular treatment against pests, weeds, etc, mowing, and fertilising. We can also keep your flower beds in good order, take care of your plants, and keep your trees and bushes in good condition by pruning and trimming.

Take the "green" option when treating your lawn and garden, and contact us for more information.